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Jason Wittig was born and raised in the tiny north woods town of Boulder Junction, Wisconsin into a big family. He became deaf at fourteen months old.  At age four he grabbed a fake 35mm camera and pretended to be a professional wedding photographer at his older sister's wedding.  As he grew older, being deaf naturally enhanced his keen eye and passion for photography.


Jason has traveled throughout America extensively and has lived in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco. He has also traveled to various locations throughout Europe. Through his traveling, Jason has cultivated many relationships with various personages involved in the arts.

His vision is natural, beautiful, and humorous with depth. His perspective also brings forth an amazing array of emotions, using elements from fine art photography to those of advertising. The variety shows through the immense array of subjects he has chosen to capture.


He honed his craft and love for photography while working for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for three years as a Digital Imaging Technician. His involvement in multiple gallery displays and photoshoots for the museum gave him the knowledge and experience to start his own freelance photography studio.


Currently he is enjoying his new puppy Bebe, living in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin for a temporary time.


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